The Breezeway

Site Area: 2.9 Hectares

Property Type: 3½ Storey Parkhomes, Garden Condos

Status: Completed In August 2014

Waterproofing and Sound Dampening Works

Following the successful installation of the sound dampening system at the Mansions, Axel Roofkote 803GG was the coating used to all external roof decking system for the parkhomes, significantly reducing decibels caused by rain drops.

Axel waterproofing system was used for all wet areas, water retaining structures, facility deck areas to ensure water tightness. A multi coat system comprising of a waterproofing, insulation coating and trafficable coating was used for its R.C Roofs.

Products Used:

Axel Aquashield 100

Axel Aquashield 100GG

Axel Quartzite 403

Axel Deram 102

Axel Insulgard 801