Westside 1

Site Area: 4.94 acres

Property Type: High-rise Residential Tower Block

Status: Completed in June 2013

Waterproofing Works

The Westside 1 is a unique project developed by Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd, a prominent force in the construction sector. The Westside 1 borrows elements of European and North American luxury building architectural designs, creating a distinctive look. Located in the township of Desa ParkCity,  The Westside 1 is a proud addition to AxelChem’s portfolio of many completed projects in that area.

Products Used:

Axel Quartzite 403

Axel Aquashield 100GG

Axel Aquashield 100

Axel Insulgard 801

Axel Epoject 304I

Axel Mortar 303 I