AXEL supplies locally manufactured on-site concrete and formwork surface treatments for desired concrete surface appearance. Our mould oils and curing compounds makes formwork removal and concrete curing easy with minimal worries about defects.

Mould Release Agent

Mould release agents are a crucial component in the construction industry, as they help to prevent materials from sticking to surfaces during the casting and curing process. They are typically used in  the production of concrete and precast products.

These agents are applied to the surface of the mould before the material is poured in, creating a barrier that prevents the material from adhering to the mould. This allows for easy release of the finished product and can also improve the surface finish of the cast material.

There are several different types of mould release agents available, each with their own unique properties and applications.

Type Product Description
Oil based release agents Axel Mould Oil 904D These are the most economical option and are typically used in low-volume applications.

They are easy to apply and clean up, and are excellent for outdoor applications able to withstand rain and weather conditions prior to casting of concrete.

Wax-based &
Water based
release agents
Axel Mould Oil 904B These are the most commonly used in the construction industry and capable of water of dilution of up to 1:4 depending on its application.

Water based release agents are environmentally friendly but are not suitable for outdoor application with extreme conditions with long casting intervals.

Curing Compound

Concrete curing compounds are materials that are applied to newly placed concrete surfaces to prevent the loss of moisture during the concrete curing process. The curing process is critical for the proper development of the concrete’s strength, durability and volume stability. Without proper curing, especially under extreme weather conditions, concrete can become weaker, more porous and prone to cracking.

Type Description
Film-forming curing compounds Forms a barrier on the surface of the concrete that prevents moisture from evaporating too quickly.
Non film-forming curing compounds Penetrates the surfaces of the concrete and reacts chemically with the concrete to form a water-retaining layer.