Type Fibre
Color White
Packaging 0.6kg per packet in boxes containing 30 pac

AXEL FIBRE 408 is a kind of synthetic fibre, 100% polypropylene, specially added into concrete mixes which can effectively reduce the cracks of concrete caused by shrinkage. As the fibre is thin and fine, it can be dispersed evenly within the concrete mix, effectively controlling early plastic shrinkage and dry shrinkage of concrete resulting in hindering the formation of settlement cracks. This will greatly enhance the impermeability of the substrate, impact resistance, toughness and wear resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging the life span of buildings.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used for:
– Basement and underground engineering
– Water retaining structures
– Industrial floor slabs
– Various precast concrete products
– Highways and bridges
– Tunnels
– Shotcrete and other high performance concrete elements”