KOMTAR Metrojaya Complex, Penang





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Located in the city of George Town, the tower is named after the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein. It comprises of retail outlets, a transportation hub and administrative offices by the Penang state government. KOMTAR was the country’s tallest skyscraper during the time of completion.

AXEL Solution

An adjacent building project was pumping water from the underground basement construction which caused imbalance to the water table, resulting in soil settlement affecting about 100 shops including the KOMTAR Metrojaya shopping complex. AXEL did underpinning to the foundation to stabilize the earth and cut away the water with a column of grout around the perimeter of the complex. The application was done with pressure jet grouting method to a depth of 30-40m using the Axel Embed 301UP grout material. 70 thousand bags in total were pumped into the ground, equivalent to a whopping 1,750 metric tonnes of grout.

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