KL Traders Square

Site Area: 16.8 acres

Property Type: Mixed development, retail outlets, residential high rise

Status: Completed in August 2018

Waterproofing and Sound Dampening Works

KL Traders Square earns its right to be the largest development in Jalan Gombak, having 5 blocks of 30-storey apartment, totalling to 2637 units. They are complimented by 5 levels of car park podium, 3 storeys of showroom shop offices, and a facilities podium that spans up to 6 acres wide. The integrity of our waterproofing systems proved itself to be unyielding despite the immense project size.

Products Used:

Axel Aquashield 100

Axel Aquashield 100GG

Axel Deram 102

Axel Quartzite 403

Axel Top 207