AXEL’s cement and epoxy grouts are a mainstay in the concrete precast. Our grouts are suitable for patching repairs and bonding to substrates in manufacturing plants and factories. We customize various grouts according to the specific needs of the customer, with ultra-high strength and the quickest setting time to increase productivity and reduce downtime in the manufacturing process.

Grouts are a crucial component in the precast manufacturing industry, playing a vital role in ensuring the quality, durability, and structural integrity of precast concrete products. Their ability to provide structural support, alignment, and gap filling, combined with essential characteristics such as strength and durability, makes them an indispensable part of the precast construction process.

Precast manufacturers must carefully select high-quality grouts and follow best practices in their application to create superior precast products that meet or exceed industry standards. These grouts can attain compressive strength exceeding 80 MPa within one day and over 100 MPa in 7 days of full curing.