Concrete curing compounds and mould release agents are vital for industrial concrete precasting. AXEL’s surface treatments are economical and reliable in ensuring your concrete has minimal to no defects after the casting process.

Mould release agent

Mould release agents are typically used in the precast factory for the production of concrete products. They help to prevent materials from sticking to surfaces during the casting and curing process. These agents are applied to the surface of the mould before the material is poured in, creating a barrier that prevents the material from adhering to the mould. This allows for easy release of the finished product and can also improve the surface finish of the cast material. There are several different types of mould release agents available, each with their own unique properties and applications.

Type Product Description
Oil based release agents Axel Mould Oil 904D These are the most economical option and are typically used in low-volume applications.

They are easy to apply and clean up, and are excellent for outdoor applications able to withstand rain and weather conditions prior to casting of concrete.

Wax-based &
Water based
release agents
Axel Mould Oil 904B

These are the most commonly used in the construction industry and capable of water of dilution of up to 1:4 depending on its application.

Water based release agents are environmentally friendly but are not suitable for outdoor application with extreme conditions with long casting intervals.

Curing compound

Curing compounds are specialized formulations applied to freshly casted concrete surfaces to facilitate a controlled and uniform curing process by creating a moisture-sealing barrier. This prevents rapid moisture loss from the concrete, which is crucial for optimal strength development and durability. This controlled curing process not only enhances the concrete’s structural integrity but also minimizes the potential for surface cracking and ensures a smoother homogeneous finish.