Axel Krystle Grout 119

Damp Proofing

Axel Krystle Grout 119

Axel Krystle Grout 119 is a specially formulated impregnation waterproofing and repellant grout with very fine particles size able to penetrate to most concrete, brick walls, stones, ceramic tiles or cement materials to form a very dense waterproofing system.

Axel Krystle Grout 119 is quick drying, can produce almost instant waterproofing and repellent results within a few hours after application.

Axel Krystle Grout 119 commonly used as a grout to most damp proofing and damp rising  problems on brick walls or R.C. structures. It also used for toilets, rooftops, four face concrete, tiles, stone finishes, plaster walls, decking or flat roofs.

  • High penetration power with almost instant penetration.
  • High water penetration resistance by capillary action.
  • Outstanding U.V. freeze thaw resistance.
  • Can be painted for decorative finish
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent stability during storage