Axel Quartzite 403


Axel Quartzite 403

Axel Quartzite 403 is an ultrafine powder amorphous mineral base waterproofing additive consisting of nearly spherical particles around 100 times smaller than a grain of cement.

Axel Quartzite 403 will fill up the fine voids which exist between the cement or aggregate matrix then reacts with the free lime which is present in the OPC concrete to form additional quantities of strong binding CSH (Cal Silicate Hydrate) gel which is the principle binding component by replacing weak binding lime with more CSH, thus sealing the pore structure of the concrete for waterproofing purpose and it also used in sulphate resistant marine concrete structure against chloride diffusion or corrosion control.

Axel Quartzite 403 can be used as an additive with standard OPC in Bridges, concrete platform, water treatment plants, basements, reservoirs, tanking pits, sewage plants, retaining structures or damps.

  • Waterproof concrete structures.
  • Increases strength and reduces permeability
  • Promotes resistance against chemical attack
  • Prevent surface peeling due to sulphate attack
  • Cost effective
  • Reduce penetration of salts ie. chloride into the concrete