Type Cementitious
Color Dark grey
Packaging 28kg per set

AXEL AQUASHIELD 100GG is a double component flexible premixed polymeric cement base waterproofing coating system. The flexible nature of the slurry when mixed provides a very good sealant over concrete or timber surface. It is very smooth when moulded over portable water tanking requirements or areas that require shifts in thermal movements. AXEL AQUASHIELD 100GG grade can be used over R.C roof slab with sufficient movement joints over screed to fall or over coated with AXEL DERAM 102 as a finish coating with UV resistant.

Recommended Uses

Suitable for RC structures to:
– Basements & tunnels
– Flat roofs, gutters, and planter boxes
– Water tanks
– Floor and foundation slabs
– Bathroom floors and walls
– Reservoirs, treatment plants, and swimming pools
– Pre-cast panels and retaining walls
– Wet rooms such as kitchens, shower rooms, yards, AC ledge”