Type Curing compound
Color Colourless
Packaging 200L per drum

AXEL CONCRETE CURE 920 is a ready to use micro reactive crystalline active concrete curing compound specially formulated for fair face structures as found in bridges or buildings where natural salt is required to prevent the premature water loss in concrete due to evaporation. It does not dry to form a film unlike conventional resin base curing compound but rather it forms a layer of crystal to block the pores of the concrete. AXEL CONCRETE CURE 920 is also compatible to subsequent coating protection as it forms part of the natural organic substance of the substrate which is inners to siliceous or resin base overcoats.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used as curing compound to concrete structures for:
– Buildings
– Decks
– Bridges
– Tunnels
– Reservoir
– Depos
– Aquariums
– Elevated rail tracks