Type Cementitious
Color Standard Grey
Packaging 25kg per bag

AXEL CRYSTLE 126 is a single pack aqueous reactive dry powder cementitious material system which waterproofs and protects new and old concrete structures or masonry screed plaster. It contains active waterproofing chemicals which react with moisture and free lime in the concrete, creating insoluble crystalline “needles” which seal the capillaries or minor shrinkage cracks. AXEL CRYSTLE 126 remains dormant and then becomes active again in the presence of water, continuously forming crystals and providing a self-sealing ability.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used at:
– Bathrooms and toilets
– Wet rooms such as kitchen, yard, AC ledge
– Retaining walls
– Water tanking structures
– Basement floors and walls
– Strip footing foundation
– Tunnels
– Pre-cast concrete structures