Type Water base epoxy coating
Color Available in a wide range of standard premium and exclusive colours
Packaging 25kg per set

AXEL EPOFLOR 200WB is a double component fourth generation pre-dispersed aqueous epoxy polymer resin system specially formulated as a hydrophilic and breathable floor or wall coating system which is resistant to dampness. It cures to a hand and slip surface with a semi-gloss finish surface. AXEL EPOFLOR 200WB has excellent bond to concrete, metal, timber or glass substrates with a fast cure characteristics for fast and efficient installation. It is widely used as a protective or decorative coating that provides a dustproof and an easy to clean environment with good resistant to common oil and chemical attack.

Recommended Uses

Suitable for use on floors and walls to:
– Warehouses
– Light industrial factories
– Food processing factories
– Data centres
– Showrooms
– Pedestrian walkways
– Stone yards