Type Heat insulation
Color Black
Packaging Manufactured to order

AXEL FOAMCELL 505 is an elastomeric prefabricated cell insulation engineered with top qualities and highest standard to meet the various industry standards to ensure insulation performance. It is designed specifically to control condensation. The closed cell characteristic is the key component to an effective insulator by providing a barrier between the pipe’s surface and atmospheric conditions.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used as insulation to:
– Air-ducts of industrial air-condition and ventilation systems such as used in hotels, airports, hospitals, offices, certain electronic factories, shopping complexes, underground mining premises, train stations etc.
– Under decking of floors and walls and roofs to prevent cavity floors and to provide vibration, noise and heat insulation for mostly commercial or industrial buildings such as factories and offices.
– Industrial refrigerators such as used by frozen food manufacturers, hypermarket and liquid gas producers
– Specific areas of motor vehicles, heavy automation, engines and other automated or mechanical process for vibration, noise and heat insulation and cushioning purposes.”