Type Impregnator
Color Colourless
Packaging 100ml per tube or 1L, 5L, 20L per pail

AXEL KRYSTLE GROUT 119 is a specially formulated impregnation waterproofing and repellent grout with very fine particles size able to penetrate to most concrete, brick walls, stones, ceramic tiles or cement materials to form a very dense waterproofing system. It is quick drying and can produce almost instant waterproofing and repellent results within a few hours after application. AXEL KRYSTLE GROUT 119 is also used as a grout to most damp proofing problems at brick walls or R.C. structures.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used at:
– RC structures
– Four face concrete
– Toilets
– Brick walls
– Plaster walls
– Tiles and stone finishes
– Roof tops and flat roofs
– Decking