Type Bonding agent
Color Milky White
Packaging 5L, 18L per pail

AXEL LATEX 1001TG is a specially modified emulsion base bonding agent used to increase adhesive between two cement substrates as well as increase cohesive link between the cement matrixes. It is commonly used as an additive in the cement sand screed or used as a slurry blend with cement to form a bond coat between old and new screed and wall plaster.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used for:
– Higher strength floor screeds with less ‘dusting’, improved flexibility and resistance to cracking.
– For wear resistance floor toppings in water treatment works, sewage systems, etc.
– As an additive to repair mortars for patching and filling.
– As a bonding agent for rendering, tile fixing and masonry jointing mortars, etc.
– As a bonding grout between old and new concrete, as well as in construction joints.