Type Expansion grout
Color Grey
Packaging 30kg per set

AXEL LITECRETE is a light building material, lighter than conventional concrete. It contains a chemical active material where expansion takes place when mixed with water. This chemical reaction generates millions of tiny air pockets, yielding superior thermal insulation and lightweight property. In the meantime, a pressure force is released during the reaction forming lifting properties. AXEL LITECRETE’s unique chemical reaction and characteristics enable it to exhibit a large number of properties which make it can be utilized in a wide range of construction applications, including widening of in-service road, banking of steep sloping land, reducing earth pressure at bridge abutment, improvement of low-head of tunnel inlet and uneven earth pressure, various light-weight banking and replacement filling at airports/ports, filling of large pipelines such as water, gas and electric power supply, closure works of various hollows at old mine site, air-raid shelter, and cavity filling works including backfilling at tunnels. It can be used as precast or cast in-situ.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used at:
– Insulation screed, block and panels
– Fire protection wall
– Partition wall
– Void filling
– Ground lifting and leveling
– Earth-pressure reduction at bridge abutment
– Shield filling
– Load alleviated filling
– Weak ground or soil
– Other hard to access places where alternative lightweight soil is necessary