Type Lining system
Color Black, Green, Grey
Packaging 420kg per set

AXEL POLYUREA ELASTOMER 152 is a chemical reactive cured, rapid set 100% solid waterproofing lining system manufactured with superior flexible polyurea elastomeric polymers to produce a tough liner. It forms an excellent wear resistant resilient membrane over metal or concrete substrates. AXEL POLYUREA ELASTOMER 152 comes as a double component system and is easily sprayed with a mixer spray. It does not hydrolyze, leech, or contaminate other substrates and is easily painted over. It is largely used in industrial application where there is interaction with constant or intermittent corrosive or abrasive action.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used as waterproofing liner to:
– RC flat roofs
– Civil structures
– Water parks

Suitable to be used as industrial liner to:
– RC tanks
– Metal structures
– Flooring systems