Type Bituminious membrane
Color Grey
Packaging 30kg per set

AXEL PU FLEX 122SL is double component cold applied levelling polyurethane waterproofing which can also be used as a modified sealant. It is cross-linked with other binders to form a tough and durable sealant for horizontal application joints with good resistance to many chemicals and light traffic. AXEL PU FLEX 122SL is also used as a sealant coating on concrete surfaces to flat roofs or timber joint bridging. One coating shall be done at 1.2kg/m2 to 1.5kg/m2 to form a waterproofing sealant layer to block off any positive water penetration.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used at:
– Car parks, driveways and garage workshops
– Car wash bays
– Factory and storage warehouse
– Depots and shipyards
– Construction cold joints at concrete or screed panels
– Roads (Note: Joints should be approximately 3mm below finish of road surface)”