Type Admixture
Color Cement Grey
Packaging 20kg per bag

AXEL QUARTZITE 403 is designed as a admixture for concrete to improve its performance and durability. It consists of ultra-fine amorphous mineral powder which is nearly spherical particles around 100 times smaller than a grain of cement, and active, proprietary chemicals. This makes the concrete more dense by filing up the fine voids which exist between the cement or aggregates matrix. Meanwhile the active chemicals form a chemical reaction with cementitious materials in concrete to generate crystals that help to fill capillary pores and seal micro-cracks in the concrete. AXEL QUARTZITE 403 also used in sulphate resistant marine concrete structure against chloride diffusion or corrosion control.

Recommended Uses

Suitable to be used in conditions where delivery and placing for superior quality concrete are most demanding, such as: Use as an additive with standard OPC in concrete structures such as:
– Concrete platforms
– Sewage plants
– Water treatment plants
– Reservoirs
– Damps
– Retaining structures
– Basements
– Parking pits
– Bridges