Aemulus, Penang





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Aemulus is a 58,000 sf manufacturing & office building for an electronics company overlooking the Penang airport runway. The building’s unique concept of a rustic design consists of brickwork wall and floor finishes, along with fair-faced concrete columns and flat slabs.

Axel Solutions

With the main atrium also serving the function of a mini amphitheater, the bare concrete finish was sealed with Axel Aquastop 907 impregnator. This would protect the surface from water and other liquid staining over time. All brick walls were coated with Axel Axseal 902 to maintain its natural “look” while also ensuring its porous substrate is sealed to reduce formation of fungus and algae in the long term.

Products Used
Project Partners
Client Aemulus Holdings
Consultant Design Unit Architects Sdn Bhd
Contractor MLG Design & Construction Sdn Bhd