Malaysian Rural Water Supply Scheme





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Public sector

The Malaysian Rural Water Supply Scheme project aims to provide safe drinking water to the rural communities of Malaysia. It involved 134 water supply schemes spanning all 13 States in Malaysia, covering 600 individual sites which provided rural communities across Malaysia with drinking water.

Axel Solutions

AXEL provided solutions for the treatment to concrete water tanks, P/G tanks, clarifier & backwash tanks, spillway shaft for dams, embankments and others. Axel Aquashield 100 was used as the ideal solution for water tanks as it provides a seamless and flexible barrier against water leakage while also being a safe and approved system to be used for water potable tanks. An epoxy lining was applied to the bell shaft of the Juasah Dam and AXEL also did grouting & underpinning works for the Mersing and Juaseh Dam.

Products Used
Project Partners
Client JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya)
Contractor Biwater (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd