The Hibiscus, Port Dickson





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Malaysia’s 5-star luxury oceanfront resort and cited as the “The largest water homes development in the world” that features spacious overwater villas designed to resemble a hibiscus. The resort holds the Guinness World Record for the most swimming pools and overwater villas featuring 643 pools and 522 overwater villas.

Axel Solutions

Workability of the waterproofing system was necessary during the course of construction due to limited accessibility of the site. Axel Deram 102, a single component UV stable liquid membrane was applied over all the RC roofs and gutters for the overwater villas. Besides that, a cementitious protective coating was applied to all the private pools.

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Project Partners
Client KL Metro Sdn Bhd
Consultant Akitek Supra
Contractor Ragawang Cooperation Sdn Bhd